The Neo-Geo is infamous for the ridiculous amount of bootleg games on the market in all hardware segments. From reproductions, to two types of conversions, and more - getting screwed over in this highly volatile collector market is uncommonly easy if you don't know what you're looking for. Yes, even I've been taken for a ride once. This guide will give you tips, pictures, and measures to help ensure what you're buying is authentic.

Buying authentic, complete games is the most expensive way to buy Neo-Geo games of any variety. I give you some tips and hints to keep costs down and some things to look out for in each segment of the Neo-Geo market.
Sourcing loose cartridges is a great way to keep costs down if you're collecting on AES. You also can also get high-quality reproduction cases to keep your investments safe. If you actually want to play the games you buy, look inside for tips and hints to keep costs low.
Bootlegs are common in the Neo-Geo market for better or worse, and every collector has their own opinions on this contentious subject. Inside I provide an overview of the 3 types of bootlegs, what you should look out for, buying tips, and community opinions.