Bokujin: Japanese - Noun: Shepherd

Welcome! Glad you're here. So, what's this all about?

In 2018 I got a wild hair up my ass to create some sort of web presence to do something with my boundless amounts of video game knowledge. This outlet is, honestly, a saving grace for my friends and family who aren't as excited about 30 year old pieces of technology as I am.

So, who's this site for? Fellow retro game fans who relish the old days of 2D platformers and arcade culture. Inside you'll find reviews, op-eds, screenshots, and resources to help you source the retro games you most like to collect. I've been an avid fan of SNK's Neo-Geo for over 25 years, so there is an entire section dedicated to the Neo that includes its own resources section, reviews of dozens of game, how and where to buy consoles and games, and much more. There's also a bit of modern gaming thrown in for flavor.

This is more of a passion project for me, but I hope you too can find something of interest and learn a little bit more about the hobby we all love.

Enjoy your stay, and have fun!

Disclaimer: I may borrow an image from time to time, but those images will be credited when/if used. Stock photos courtesy, further edits by me in Photoshop. All written reviews and articles are my original work. Contributors will be credited in their article.