Bokujin: Japanese - Noun: Shepherd

Welcome! Glad you're here. So, what's this all about?

Last year I got a wild hair up my arse to create some sort of web presence to do something with my boundless amounts of video game knowledge. This outlet is, honestly, a saving grace for my friends and family who aren't as excited about 30 year old pieces of technology as I am. My goal here is two-fold: To present some of my personal writing and art for others to consume and create conversation around, and to chronicle my journey to Collection 3.0 (you can read about that in the articles section).

There's a lot of fun stuff in every page - from opinions and op-eds, to game reviews, and a sick selection of custom screenshots from today's biggest titles! I hope you have fun joining me on this retro journey into building Collection 3.0, and my thoughts around the game industry.

This is a side-project of mine on top of a full time job, so update frequency will be sporadic until I find a rhythm. I hope to launch some youtube videos in the coming months as well!

I'm always looking to make things better, so if you have any feedback please feel free to reach out at Cheers!

Disclaimer: I may borrow an image from time to time, but those images will be credited when/if used. Stock photos courtesy, further edits by me in Photoshop. All written reviews and articles are my original work. Contributors will be credited in their article.

I'm also very obsessed with Mega Man - So, expect a lot of that.