Getting into the Neo-Geo is a daunting and expensive endeavor if you are unsure of where to begin. That's where this guide comes in. Inside, I give you some general thoughts on the three hardware options, as well as humorous anecdotes on what hardware option would befit each type of collector.
Buying Neo games is almost as daunting as choosing a Neo console. I help take the pain out of the process and give you all the options you have as a Neo enthusiast. There are also tips on how to buy on Ebay and how to not get duped by bootleggers.Digmac's Japanese AES PriceGuide - Updated September 2020
A relic of gaming past, this community of passionate gamers have kept the Neo legacy alive for over 20 years. While much of the information contained within is useful, there is a lot that is out of date (including the price guides). This is one of the best forums to find Neo games for sale, but be warned - don't sign up to the forums just to access to the market. Consider yourself warned.
Digmac from the community has created a compository of legacy Neo-Geo online content from the 90's and early aughts. This includes the old DHP mailing list with hundreds of conversations archived, SNK's Japanese and US websites, and more. If you're a "Neo-Freak" this is a great place to check out the legacy of the best 2D console ever created.
This Neo site is based in Europe, and as such English is clearly the second language. That said, there are a lot of resources including one of the more up to date price guides for the AES, MVS, and CD platforms. There are also some reviews and articles, which are generally readable given the language barrier.
If you went the MVS route rather than the AES route, make sure to get some Shockboxes for your games to keep them safe, organized, and looking posh on your shelf! Originally created by long-time community member BigBear, Southtown Homebrew is your one stop shop for your MVS collection.
The #1 trusted source for MVS PCB board and rom chip scans. If you're worried about the authenticity of your newly purchased MVS game, make this your first stop. You can compare your boards to these authenticated board scans to ensure authenticity.
Like MVS Scans, Arcade Collector has a large selection of AES PCB board and rom chip scans to help you determine the authenticity of your AES game. AES game cases can be easily broken if not opened properly, so proceed at your own risk.
The sister site to - The Neo Store is a great resource to find rare games, and the prices are not outrageous. You can also purchase Neo Pocket games and hardware, as well as other rare retro game wares. Usually ships same or next day after purchase.
The Japanese Suruga-Ya site is where the deals are. This site pulls inventory from the various Suru locations from around Japan. If you live outisde of Japan you can't order direct, but you can use a proxy like ZenMarket to make the purchase for you.
he English Suruga-Ya site lets people from all over the world purchase well priced goods from Suru's Japanese warehouse. They are a long-time retro and hobby second-hand shop in Japan and their stores are a staple visit for retro gamers who take a pilgrimage to Japan.
ZenMarket is my preferred proxy when it comes to ordering goods from Japan. You can browse Japanese commercial sites and send Zen the URL to purchase the game for you and then arrange shipment. Check out their FAQ to find out if the service is right for you.
Based in Japan, you can order direct from the Emporium without using a proxy service. They offer great deals on Neo AES system bundles and often have competitive pricing on AES games. This link takes you to their Neo page, but they offer many more retro and modern games.
While a bit more expensive than other modding options, Neotropolis, run by long time community member KPJ, offers AES system mods, consolized MVS options, custom Jamma Superguns, and even MVS to AES conversions. They have an Ebay store, but I HIGHLY recommend reaching out to them outside of Ebay for the best deals.
Your #1 source for reproduction games, softbox and snaplock cases, inserts, manuals, and stickers. Great customer service and professional. Their reproductions are very high quality, so if you're thinking of getting any repro games, look here first.