January, 2019 M.E. Williams

Collection 3.0 is what I'm calling my adult game collection. After going almost completely digital over the last 12 years, I've begun rebuilding my retro game library from scratch. This has been a long journey to get to this point, but I'm at a place now where I feel I can dedicate time, energy, and money to creating an enduring archive for myself, and hopefully for somebody of a future generation. Click through to read my story.

Decade Review: 2010-2019

M.E. Williams - December 31, 2019

The second decade of the 21st century has come and gone, and video games are still around. Jump in to see some of my favorite highlights of this past decade in gaming, and my game of the year for each year.

August, 2019 M.E. Williams

Credits (or continues) have long been a frustration when it comes to retro games for many people. Growing up in the arcade and retro gaming era in the 1980's and 90's, I not only became accustom to having a limited amount of continues in most games, but I also came to prefer it. Read on.

April, 2019 M.E. Williams

Save states are a nice byproduct of the digital emulation scene that make many retro games more approachable. Playing on original hardware, though, can be a pain for adults. I have some tips to help make life without save states more bearable.

February, 2019 M.E. Williams

32-bit games get a bad wrap now-a-days as being a messy but necessary stepping stone to creating the amazing 3D experiences we have in today's games. Looking through the lens of impressionism helps to smooth out the rough gaps and appreciate these games for the amazing works of art they are.

January, 2019 M.E. Williams

AKA: Why I won't jailbreak my Analogue Super NT. Limited choice forces you to appreciate what you have more than having the ability to get everything at once. Retro collecting is re-teaching me this very valuable concept.