SNK's Neo-Geo outlasted all other consoles and arcade hardware of the 1990's leaving a legacy that spans 14 years of support, lasted almost three full console generations, and is still widely considered to be the pinnacle of 2D, sprite-based gaming hardware. Aside from bringing the true arcade experience home, dive in and find out what else makes the Neo-Geo the most compelling console ever released.

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Widely considered to be the most underrated handheld console ever released, the Neo Geo Pocket is a true 16-bit handheld with a 40 hour battery life, color screen (generation two), true arcade style, octagonal, micro-switch control pad, and a small but quality library. Short-lived, but never forgotten, the Neo Geo Pocket is a legend in the retro game community.

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SNK's short-lived, well-intentioned mess of a multi-arcade game solution was too little too late when it launched in 1997. Launching with outdated 3D technology, it bombed upon release and only had eight games ever developed for it. Even though the hardware is less than impressive, the games, thankfully, make up for the lack of raw power.