Bokujin's Room began life in late 2018 as an online repository for my own musings on the retro video game market/hobby in the 21st century. As time progressed, the Neo-Geo section of the site took main priority and it eventually took over all of my available time and energy I have to put toward this antiquated online presence (I mean, who writes anymore? Every retro gamer on the planet has a YouTube channel). This archive houses all original reviews and articles I've written that are not SNK or Neo-Geo related.

Various retro and modern game reviews from the old site before the switch to be Neo-Geo focused. I may update this page from time to time with new reviews.

Archive of various articles I've written during the first year of the website. This archive probably will no longer see any updates, but if I want to know why I began this website or some other video game musings, make sure to check them out!