M.E. Williams - August, 2019

This 90's nostalgia laden article is my personal account of when I first discovered SNK's Neo-Geo as well as my history and legacy with the console and its games.

Image credit: Aurich Lawson
M.E. Williams - August 2019

Credits (or continues) have long been a frustration when it comes to retro games for many people. Growing up in the arcade and retro gaming era in the 1980's and 90's, I not only became accustom to having a limited amount of continues in most games, but I also came to prefer it. Read on.

M.E. Williams - May 2020

We all have those video game characters we love. Especially in fighting games, we often have a "main" we go to in each game that lets us express ourselves in unique ways. SNK had a penchant for creating characters that were not just compelling to play with, but they often had compelling backstories and relatable issues that many players could identify with. This is a story of those characters and how they touched the lives of various members from the online Neo-Geo fan communities.